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One-to-Few Social Ad Outreach (with Personalizer App)

One-to-Few Social Ad Outreach

Target leads dynamically by industry and location with personalized experiences through social advertising. Once setup, let your personalizer app of choice do the personalization for you.

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Build brand awareness and lead generation

Funnel Stage



Social ads


Personalization at scale

Tech Requirements

3rd party intent data provider (6sense, Demandbase, Clearbit, Bombora); Social media accounts (LinkedIn, X, Facebook)

Uberflip Requirements

3rd party personalizer app installed

Metrics to Watch

Pages per session, bounce rate, link CTA clicks, and form CTA submissions



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Conduct research on tier one accounts using your intent data provider and CRM. It's important to remember your campaign objective and who your ideal customer profile (ICP) is. 

Narrow your target list of accounts to a few tens or hundreds based on geography, persona, size, or any other segmentation you desire. 


Using your social media accounts, run social ads to those target accounts with an enticing and relevant value proposition. Be sure to use language and imagery that aligns seamlessly to the landing experience and speaks directly to your target audience. Does it address a pain point or challenge they're facing? Is it written how that persona would communicate?


When the target account clicks on the social ad, they will be linked to their personalized stream of content powered by your selected personalizer app (6sense, Demandbase, Rollworks, Bombora, Clearbit).

The intent data from the 3rd party integration will populate the page with the leads information to personalize the page in three possible ways:

  1. Populating their logo at the top with yours
  2. Adjusting the title and description using search and replace values
  3. Filtering the content to only relevant pieces using tags

To set up this dynamic personalization in Uberflip, follow these resources:

Complete the experience with a link CTA at the stream level linking to a high-value asset. This high-value asset should be relevant to all targeted accounts. You'll want to make sure the high-value asset is also available as an item tile so there are two opportunities to catch the visitors attention.

The high-value asset can then be gated as a way to collect lead information for further nurturing.

Measure & Optimize

Now that you’ve run your ABM campaign, you want to know how it’s performing. What areas can be optimized, and how is it helping to reach your campaign objective, and as a result, your business objective. 

To measure and optimize your campaign performance you have several options within Uberflip Analytics. Which option you choose depends on how specific your insights are and whether you have access to enriched analytics

The following resources will help you navigate Uberflip Analytics and learn how best to track your campaign performance:

Play in Action


Using 6sense, our Demand Generation Specialist narrowed our target list to prospect accounts that fit our ideal customer profile (ICP), are a strong or moderate fit, and are in the middle of the funnel. The ad was targeted to personas at those accounts that matched our typical buyer persona. 


A carousel campaign was crafted in LinkedIn and using the integration between 6sense and LinkedIn, the LinkedIn ad was run to the set of target accounts identified through 6sense.

The ad focused on a customer success story with impressive results to help capture the interest and attention of those targeted, encouraging them to want to read more. As they flip through the carousel, if at any point they click on the carousel ad they are taken to the item in an Uberflip landing experience.


A few key elements were used in that landing experience.

First, the complete video of the customer success story was the main piece of content for the visitor to consume. Below the video we added copy to the page to give context to what the visitor could expect to get out of the conversation with the customer.

Next, using the 6sense personalizer app, our team added a dynamic personalization element in the breadcrumbs so that if 6sense recognized the visitor it would dynamically change to Hi <Company Name>! 

Lastly, a form show-beside CTA was added to the item landing experience so if I visitor was interesting in learning more, they could request a meeting.

Measurement & Optimization

Once the campaign was running, our Demand Generation Specialist was then able to track activity in Uberflip Analytics (UFA).

Using the Company Discovery dashboard enriched by 6sense, we were able to see which accounts were visiting and engaging with our campaign.

Out of 680 clicks to our customer story, we identified 127 unique visitors and 116 companies, and moved 64 accounts to a later buying stage

Engagement Activity

  • 18 accounts increased their engagement
  • 25% increase in intent data searches (relevant keywords)
  • 38% increase in website visits
  • 1100% increase in known engagement (MAP & CRM activity)

We were also able to analyze the industries, stages, and content engagement metrics for each of those visiting accounts.

Don't have access to the Company Discovery dashboard? Learn more about 6sense enrichment and how it can help you assess your next ABM play. Speak with your Customer Success Manager for more details.