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Q2 2024
• Updated Blog Editor
Now use Media in the blog editor! As well as tables and spacing around images in your blog content.
• MAP Enrichment Integtrations
Pardot and Hubspot are now supported! This integration enhances the ability to personalize experiences and measure their impact on the buyer's journey.
Q1 2024
• Lightbox Item View in Pages
Open page Items in an on-page modal (called a lightbox) instead of a new tab. Keep visitors on the page to keep them engaged.
• Video Component in Pages
Demos, personalized greetings, promos, you name it! Easily add videos in Pages now with the new video component.
• Subdirectory support in Pages
Publish your pages using your subdomain or subdirectory now.
Q4 2023
• Form CTAs in Pages
The same Form CTAs you already love, but in Pages.
• Templates in Pages
Don’t want to start your microsites from scratch? Don’t! Get the creative juices flowing with pre-built templates in Pages.
• Duplicate pages
Create your ideal branded page for your GTM strategy, then just duplicate and customize to pump out pages even faster. Zoom zoom.
• Media
Quickly find and organize images for your pages with our new image management tool, Media.
• Hyperlink images
Link your logo, social media icons, and any other images on your page to another URL.
• Recommendations dashboard
Eager to know how your Content Recommendation tools are contributing to your content engagement? Then do I have a dashboard for you! Find it in the Uberflip Analytics sidebar, under Traffic > Recommendation Performance.
• Force SSO
Want to force your users to sign into Uberflip using a single sign-on (SSO) option, and turn-off the ability to sign in using an email and password? You can do it now with our Force SSO option!
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