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Measuring ABM Performance Using Uberflip Analytics

Ubeflip Analytics for Account Based-Marketing

Whether account-based marketing (ABM) is a relatively new concept to you or it's something you’ve been doing for years, there is no debating its effectiveness. It has certainly played a big role in our success and for our own customers as well. 

Uberflip Analytics helps marketers with ABM programs understand how their target accounts are consuming content and provide the data to show you where there is opportunity to improve.

This post will outline three ways to use Uberflip analytics to measure ABM programs.

1. Stream Performance

Determine overall performance for all target accounts.

Click the Stream Performance Dashboard to specifically focus on marketing streams. ABM streams are usually hidden streams in Uberflip. It’s important to use filters to isolate only marketing streams under Stream Type. Ensure the Hidden Stream field is set to Yes. 

To get an overall snapshot of performance, look at all streams over the past 30 days. Are there any with above average engagement based on expectations? Are there any that jump out as not performing well? Now you’re empowered to make appropriate adjustments. 

2. ABM Stream Performance

Zero in on individual ABM streams for a 1:1 view.

You can understand stream engagement by drilling into any stream and viewing the Single Stream dashboard. Here it’s easy to see exactly what content is performing and how different accounts are consuming content based on who they are targeted towards. Look for items with a higher page views as an indication buyers are finding the content valuable.

3. Set Up Alerts

Get alerted for when your target accounts perform a desired action.

As a modern day marketer, you wear many hats—which means not always having the time to check in on how your ABM streams are performing. Uberflip Analytics supports sending reports directly to your inbox or other third-party systems based on user-defined criteria. Create triggers like surging accounts based on engagement metrics like pages per session in order to help Sales teams engage a lead in real time.

You’re All Set: Now It’s time to continuously get better!

If you’re like most marketers, you’re constantly trying to drive better performance from your ABM strategy. Using Uberflip Analytics will help you make better data-driven decisions and improve results over time! 

For more information and other tips, speak to your Uberflip customer success manager.