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What’s Your Content Experience Maturity?

You spend so much of your marketing budget capturing the attention of your buyers and leading them to a destination that you control—one that is centered around your content. 

If you provide a great experience, your buyers will not only engage with your content, they’ll binge it, and accelerate through the buyer journey faster than you can say “Netflix.” A poor content experience results in lost attention and requires more marketing spend to get it back. 

So it’s no surprise that today’s marketing leaders want to level up their content experience. 

A Blueprint for Success

Being a strategic marketer means developing repeatable, scalable programs around how you drive revenue. That’s why frameworks are a marketer’s best friend. They provide a blueprint— the tools and steps needed to build a solid foundation that will deliver long-term results. 

At Uberflip, we help B2B marketers create and deliver amazing content experiences all day, every day. That puts us in a position to learn what best practices, processes, and tools are needed to do it well. 

The Content Experience Framework is the result of thousands of hours with marketers, focused on this very topic. It’s the first blueprint for delivering amazing content experiences at scale. 

How Mature is Your Organization’s Approach to Content Experience? 

We developed the Content Experience Maturity Assessment to answer that very question and to help you identify areas where you can adopt best practices to further optimize your content experience and turn buyer attention into revenue. 

This assessment includes 14 multiple-choice questions, centered around the five pillars in our Content Experience Framework, which are:

  • Centralize
  • Organize
  • Personalize
  • Distribute
  • Generate Results

For each question, you’ll be asked to choose the statement that best describes your current level of maturity. You can see an example question below. 

Depiction of Content Experience Maturity Assessment question on a webpage

Interested in taking 10 minutes to complete the assessment? Click here! 

Turning Your Results Into Action

Once you complete the maturity assessment, you will be immediately shown your high-level score and what that means, as seen below. 

Content Experience Maturity Assessment Score on a Webpage

You will also receive a personalized email report card showing how you scored under each pillar of the Content Experience Framework, with details around what your score means and suggested steps to improving it. 

Content Experience Maturity Assessment Email Response with Results

Each section of your report card will link to a stream in the Uberflip Academy containing how-to articles, templates, best practices, and videos meant to level up that aspect of your content experience. 

An animated image of what the Uberflip academy (an online education center) looks like

My Challenge to You

Whether you’re new to the concept, just getting started, or well on your way to mastering content experience, this maturity assessment and the Content Experience Framework are a powerful tool in your arsenal.  

I challenge you to: 

  • Take the assessment. You can even get multiple people to take it. You may be surprised how differently everyone perceives your organization’s maturity.

  • Socialize your results. Present to your team, your leadership, and even other departments to raise awareness around the importance of content experience.

  • Take action. Follow our guides and use the framework to continuously level up your content experience and drive better results. 

Take the Assessment!

If you have any questions or feedback about the Content Experience Framework or the Content Experience Maturity Assessment, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Join the Conversation.” We are always looking for ways to make this an even better resource for marketers. 

Here’s to great content experiences!

Visit Uberflip Help to access more how-to guides and troubleshooting articles, or to contact Uberflip Support.