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How to Use Uberflip Pages

Uberflip Pages is a tool for creating and managing specialized marketing pages at scale for all stages of the funnel. These pages can be personalized and tailored to any audience, and contain hand-picked, relevant content pulled from your Uberflip library.

The easy to use drag and drop page editor means anyone can create beautifully designed destinations for demand generation campaigns, account-based marketing pages, event landing pages, and any other experience you desire.

Learn how, in under 6 minutes, you can create a personalized destination for your next campaign.

In the video you will learn:

  • What is Uberflip Pages
  • Why use Pages
  • How to access Pages
  • How to add elements and relevant content to your page canvas
  • How to edit the properties of an element and section
  • How to publish a page
  • How to archive and restore a page

To learn more about Uberflip Pages, visit the Uberflip Help Center for technical documentation.