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ABM Campaign Analysis

Used to monitor account engagement on an account-based marketing campaign and measure and optimize the content based on performance

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Area of Analysis
Audience Intelligence
       - Using the Stream Performance Tab
       - Using Standard UFA Dashboards
       - Using Enriched UFA Dashboards

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Monitor and track account engagement


Progress accounts quicker through the funnel

Tech Requirements

6sense (optional); Marketo (optional); Eloqua (optional)

Uberflip Requirements

Uberflip Analytics

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Area of Analysis

Before we can dive in to analyze content and account performance, we need to get clear on what we are analyzing. Is there a particular stream of content you've created for a set of accounts? Or perhaps there are multiple streams all supporting a larger campaign? It's important to understand which streams of content you're looking to track engagement on so you can narrow the dashboards appropriately. UTM campaign values added to your links (ex. can help make sure you're tracking only engagement activity that came from a live campaign link.

Once you know what you are analyzing, the next step is to define what KPIs and metrics you're monitoring. Does your content team have goals for time on page or bounce rate? Does your demand team have a set number of form conversions they're looking to get? Is your leadership looking for a general overview of how the campaign performed? Nailing down your KPIs will help in determining whether you hit the mark and want to repeat your approach or there's room for improvement going forward.

Lastly, is there a date range that your ABM campaign ran? Have those dates handy for filtering your dashboards so you track only the visits that happened during the live window. 

Audience Intelligence

When it comes to monitoring and analyzing your ABM campaign performance, there are multiple ways you can tackle it using Uberflip Analytics. In this section we'll cover the following 3 approaches:

  1. Using the Stream Performance tab from the stream editor page
  2. Using the standard dashboards in Uberflip Analytics (UFA), filtered down based on Stream Title or Campaign
  3. Using the enriched dashboards in Uberflip Analytics (UFA) (note this requires an enrichment add on), filtered down based on Stream Title or Campaign

Stream Performance Tab

Let's start with the simplest of the three options, the Stream Performance tab.

This approach is best used to analyze the performance of one stream at a time.

Accessed from the stream editor, the Stream Performance tab allows you to see the general performance of that particular stream and the contents it contains. Filtering the dashboard down to the desired date range, you can see metrics like:

  • Page Views
  • New Visitors
  • Return Visitors
  • Bounce Rate
  • Scroll Depth
  • Time on Page
  • Form CTA Submissions
  • Link CTA Clicks
  • Item Performance
  • Performance Over Time
  • Visitor Session Details

By clicking on a metric in the dashboard, you can drill in further to see more detailed reports.

Standard UFA Dashboards

Found under the Analytics tab in the top menu, the standard Uberflip Analytics (UFA) dashboards are a great way to get deeper analysis. If you are looking to analyze more than one stream at a time or you are looking for more specific information for a single stream than what is found in the Stream Performance tab, UFA standard dashboards are a great next step.

Using the filters at the top of each dashboard, you can narrow the results based on:

  • View date range (of when the ABM campaign ran)
  • Stream Title (can select more than one stream at a time)
  • Stream Type (all Account-Based Marketing streams as an example)
  • Campaign (if you used utm_campaign as part of your campaign links)

The following dashboards may help you uncover the KPIs and insights you're looking for.

- Item Performance Dashboard
- Stream Performance Dashboard
- Form CTA Performance Dashboard
- Link CTA Performance Dashboard
- Visitor Acquisition Dashboard
- Entry Page Performance Dashboard

Item Performance Dashboard

This dashboard is helpful when you want to analyze item performance across multiple streams. Narrow the results using the Stream Title or Campaign filters.

Stream Performance Dashboard

This dashboard can be used to analyze and compare stream metrics. Filter the dashboard by stream title, campaign, or stream purpose, if you want to analyze all of your streams for a particular purpose like Account-Based Marketing. Scroll down and see a comparison of the streams in the stream details section.

Form CTA Performance Dashboard

Use this dashboard to learn what form CTAs are being activated and submitted the most as part of your campaign. Can those that are performing well be repurposed for other campaigns and uses and those not performing well be optimized to get better results?

Link CTA Performance Dashboard

Use this dashboard to see which links are attracting and nurturing visitors to other pages. By strategically placing your link CTAs, you can help guide a visitor along a pre-determined journey of your choosing. Monitor link CTA performance and optimize copy, visuals, and placement to see better click through rates.

Visitor Acquisition Dashboard

Learn which utm sources and mediums are bringing the most engaged traffic to your ABM pages so you can adjust and improve your targeting efforts going forward.

Entry Page Performance Dashboard

Use the Entry Page Performance Dashboard to understand which entry streams or items are engaging visitors the most and generating further content consumption. For those that aren't seeing the desired level of engagement, can you implement link CTAs or content recommendations to encourage further content binging upon entry.

Enriched UFA Dashboards

In additional to the pre-built standard dashboards, Uberflip Analytics (UFA) has three additional enriched dashboards that reveal the people and companies that are engaging with your content.

If you don't see the following three enriched dashboards in your Analytics section, speak to your Customer Success Manager to learn more. Note that there is an additional cost associated to add enrichment.

- Companies and Contacts Dashboards
- Company Discovery Dashboard

Companies and Contacts Dashboards

Two of the enriched dashboards, the Companies and Contacts dashboards, are enriched using your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), which means the activity of known visitors from your MAP are visible in these two dashboards. You can even drill into single contact and single company dashboards to get an even more granular view of their activity.

Company Discovery Dashboard

The third enriched dashboard is the Company Discovery dashboard which is enriched using 6sense data. This dashboard allows you to see what companies in which industries are engaging with your content and where they fall in the funnel.