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Empowering Your Sales Team With Uberflip Analytics

How to use Uberflip Analytics for Sales Enablement

What’s the not-so-secret ingredient to better sales and marketing alignment? Consistently helping your sales team close more deals and spend less time on non-selling activities!

Uberflip Analytics provides valuable data on what content is resonating and how individual sales streams are performing—helping sales managers coach their reps to drive better engagement from prospects.

This post will go through two ways of using Uberflip Analytics to empower your sales team. 

1. Content That Converts

Providing highly relevant content for your sales team will help them engage, and convert prospects.

Reps have a lot on their plate, so it's no surprise that picking good content is not on their priority list. According to Forbes, sales reps spend less than a third of their time selling, and they really want to be selling, so the easier you make the part of their job involving choosing the best content, the better. 

How Uberflip Analytics Helps

Uberflip Analytics makes it easy to find the content that is performing well so that Sales knows what is best to share. Start off in the Item Performance dashboard to get an overview of content performance.



A question that Sales teams often ask is what format of content works best. Look at  Engagement by Content Type to see what is driving views, pages per session, and conversions.  


The Item Details table provides a comprehensive view of the performance of all items. Leverage filters to look for the best content based on your organization's tagging structure.

For example, if your company segments content by stage and you want to know what the best top of funnel or middle of funnel content is, then input these tags.

Another example is selecting by persona or vertical. This highlights the importance of tagging your content so you can provide specific insights to the Sales team to help drive action based on where prospects are in the buying journey. Another area to focus on are CTA conversions. This is helpful for Business Development Reps who are doing outbound prospecting and are looking for content that can help drive leads.



2. High-Performing Sales Streams

Uberflip Analytics makes it easy to see all aspects of a sales stream's performance⁠—helping the sales team see engagement in near-real-time and follow up with prospects in a timely manner.

Start off in the Sales Stream Performance dashboard. This dashboard will show you key engagement metrics such as page views, pages per session, and time on page for all sales streams. 



Look at the engagement by sales stream to see the top-performing streams and how they compare to each other from a conversion and engagement perspective. Use the filter feature to isolate the dates, campaigns, and other activities that make the most sense for your organization.



Sales Stream Detail is great for seeing the performance of all sales streams in a single location. Sales managers can use this as a starting point to coach reps on performance and share the impact of the streams compared to their peers.

To go into further detail, you can pull up the Single Stream Performance dashboard. From here, you can see the exact pieces of content that went into the stream, how many views they have had, and who has visited the stream. This is great for seeing if the stream content is creating bingeable experiences and ultimately results in conversions.

Visit Uberflip Help to access more how-to guides and troubleshooting articles, or to contact Uberflip Support.