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Sales Enablement Deck Template

Just launched a new demand campaign? Think your job's over? Think again! 

Setting up the perfect nurture or demand campaign only gets you so far. You need to communicate your campaigns to your sales team so they not only know what's going on but are bought in and enabled to provide a follow-up experience that makes sense. 

It's something a lot of marketing and sales teams struggle with—getting aligned. We've been working hard on our smarketing alignment at Uberflip and we put together this deck to help us (and other marketing teams) better communicate their campaigns to sales.

How To Use This Template

  • Make a copy of this template so you can edit it, fill in the blanks, and make it your own. 
  • Fill in relevant information about the demand campaign
  • Provide screenshots of emails and links to content, experiences, and CRM reports
  • Keep it short. We’ve included all the slides you might use. But only include those your sales team thinks are relevant/useful.

Want a template of your very own? Click here to get this template.

NOTE: I know I already said this, but again, be sure to make a copy of this template so you can edit, tweak, and fill in the blanks.

Our hope is that you'll see even better results from your campaigns by ensuring marketing and sales are on the same page. Here's to greater alignment!

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