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One-to-Few Nurture Email (with Query String Personalizer)

Query String Personalizer Play Uberflip

Nurture leads automatically by sending them personalized content when an Uberflip form is submitted. This play requires some initial setup and then is hands off. Let Query String Personalizer do the personalization at scale for you.

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Play Breakdown
Play Overview
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Play Breakdown


Progress profiled visitor through the funnel

Funnel Stage



Triggered Email


Personalization at scale

Tech Requirements

Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)

Uberflip Requirements

MAP integrated; Query String Personalizer installed

Metrics to Watch

Session duration, bounce rate, items per session, form CTA submissions



Play Overview


Collect lead information through an Uberflip form CTA. The form CTA should include the following fields:

  • Email
  • First name
  • Company name

The form CTA can also include the following fields for further personalization:

  • Industry
  • Product interest
  • Pain-point/need

If doing additional personalization using one of the field options above, this must be done using a dropdown field option. The reason for this is because the selected value must be exact in order for the personalization to work.


When the lead information is collected through the Uberflip form CTA it is automatically populated against the lead profile in your MAP. A trigger will need to be set up in your MAP to send an email to the lead from your MAP when the form is completed. The triggered email will contain the lead token values in the button URL which will populate with the correct values when sent (see image below for an example).



When the email recipient clicks on the button they will be linked to their personalized stream of content powered by Uberflip's Query String Personalizer app. The tokens will populate with the leads information and those values will help to personalize the page in three possible ways:

  1. Populating their logo at the top with yours
  2. Adjusting the title and description using search and replace values
  3. Filtering the content to only relevant pieces using tags

To set up the Query String Personalizer app, watch these videos:

Some important notes:

  • Search and replace values and tag values must be an exact match to what is pulling from your MAP (it is case sensitive)
  • If you don't intend to ask for domain name as a field in your form CTA, you may be able to extract the domain from their email using your CRM

Measure & Optimize

Now that you’ve run your ABM campaign, you want to know how it’s performing. What areas can be optimized, and how is it helping to reach your campaign objective, and as a result, your business objective. 

To measure and optimize your campaign performance you have several options within Uberflip Analytics. Which option you choose depends on how specific your insights are and whether you have access to enriched analytics

The following resources will help you navigate Uberflip Analytics and learn how best to track your campaign performance: