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(Intermediate to Optimized) 8 KPIs Your Content Marketing Measurement Should Include

This eBook provides insight into several questions that have been heavily debated and discussed in the industry: how can content marketers effectively measure the key performance indicators (KPIs) of their efforts? What are the important metrics that content marketers should analyze and why do they matter? What’s the best way to measure these metrics and what tools can help the process?

The eBook provides answers to these questions as Neil Bhapkar, Uberflip’s VP of Marketing, dives into the metrics and tools that are driving content marketing today.

“These days, you’re nowhere in marketing if you don’t understand your basic web KPIs, including customer engagement and conversion rates,” Bhapkar explains. “However, the tactics that work in measuring a website or a traditional customer acquisition funnel do not always translate into content marketing measurement. Content marketers need to understand the numbers driving their efforts so they can effectively deliver content that drives leads.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Mobile content consumption now makes up 20% of global traffic, while desktop traffic is steadily declining. Understanding mobile readership allows content marketing to optimize content accordingly.
  • 21% of the world’s internet population are using Twitter every month. Understand your audience’s sentiment through comments and social shares.
  • A few notable content marketing measurement tools include Social Mention, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and Crazyegg.