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Product Update: An Improved User Filtering Experience

User Filtering in Analytics

Within Uberflip Analytics (UFA), there is significant depth to the information available. The ability to filter that information helps you focus and capture what matters most. 

One of the first steps toward improving data accessibility was increasing the consistency of search parameters. Filter options have been changed to be the same across every page. Some dashboards have additional filter options based on the data presented, but all dashboards will now show the following:

Universally Listed:

  • View Date
  • Hub
  • Tag
  • Stream Title
  • Stream Type
  • Item Title
  • Campaign
  • Source/Medium
  • Country, Region, City
  • Device Type

This is how filters look across the improved UFA dashboards:

The ability to filter is now offered on all dashboards. In addition, all standard and custom reports can now be filtered. This makes it easier to manage large sets of data by only looking at what’s relevant directly in UFA as opposed to having to download and then filter the information.

Often the information you’re after is the same across different dashboards. We’ve introduced Persistent Filters, enabling you to apply a date range filter that is active when you go from dashboard to dashboard.

To enhance Persistent Filters, we’ve released the Saved Dashboard Filter. This additional option on the Persistent Filters page allows you to save specific search settings for specific dashboards.

If you are attempting to gather data regarding a specific hub’s performance, you can include the hub title as a search filter, and navigate from dashboard to dashboard to view all the collected data pertaining to that hub. 

You no longer need to set filters any time you switch dashboards. Once set up and toggled on, this tool provides a much more seamless workflow.

For more information regarding this feature, check out the help page here:.

In order to support our customers working from home, we’ve also released a feature to exclude data from certain visitors with dynamic IP addresses. This enables you to accurately track customer interactions on your hub without any internal employees impacting the analytics. 

For additional information about all of these improvements, check out our release notes

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