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Product Update: Dashboard Improvements Across Uberflip Analytics

Dashboard Improvements Analytics

The key objectives to be met before Uberflip Analytics (UFA) could exit our beta program were improving the understandability of information, increasing the amount of actionable data points, and achieving a functional user experience. We’ve revamped all our dashboards with these goals in mind and placed a focus on consistency. 

We’ve made it easier to analyze traffic trends on the Home Dashboard by refocusing which KPIs are presented. Top line KPIs across all dashboards are now session focused, giving you engagement data rather than vanity metrics. These numbers can be drilled into, giving visibility into the proof behind each count. Comparative numbers below the KPIs are now minor pieces of information gathered about your content. 

Old view:

New view:

Another change across the majority of Uberflip Analytics dashboards is an alternate, simplified version of the engagement graph. By eliminating clutter and standardizing the graph’s timeline, we’ve made the visual easier to analyze.

Old view:

New view:

In other dashboards, you can find Top 5 graphs, each with a similar theme to the one above. Where it made sense, such as with the Visitor Acquisition dashboard, older engagement graphs were converted to a Top 5 graph that you can leverage to analyze web traffic and campaign performance over time. 

Lastly, on certain dashboards, the engagement chart was removed to allow more relevant data to be presented. An example of this was on the Sales Stream dashboard. The Stream Owners table now makes it easy to observe the sales department activity as a group, along with which users are creating the highest converting Sales Streams. 

All these appearance and usability improvements were made to help our customers better understand the data in Uberflip Analytics. 

For more information about the changes, check out the extended write-ups in our release notes

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