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Product Update: Measuring Visitor Engagement

Visitor Engagement

Page views and clicks provide insights into traffic but to measure actual content engagement other metrics are needed. We’ve added a few features that aid your ability to measure data and build complete visitor pictures.  

One of the key feature additions gives the ability to track visitor scroll depth, a metric that lets you track how much (as a percentage) of a page a visitor views.

The next two feature additions place a focus on pinpointing where visitor engagement is coming from. 

The first one groups traffic, so you can better see what type of visitor engages best. The new search medium lets you easily determine if traffic is coming from organic (search engines) or referrals (other company pages or paid advertisements). Seeing which mediums are bringing the most visitors to your content gives you a better understanding of what is working best for your business. 

Once you have a handle on where your best engagement is coming from, the next thing to know is how those customers are engaging with content. 

Insight into how a customer is experiencing your content helps you build better customer experiences designed for the platforms your customers use most. With the introduction of Device Type Analysis, you now have visibility into your hub traffic, split between desktop, mobile, and tablet. You can find this feature on the home page, or use a filtered search. 

For more information about these improvements, check out our release notes

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Ryan is a new addition to the Uberflip lineup, interning his way through life on the marketing team. As an aspiring marketer, he is eager to begin supporting a team delivering best in class content experiences. Fun fact: he also goes by "Bryan" with a silent B.

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