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Product Update: Control Over Data Collection

Data Privacy Dashboard

For your data to be most actionable, it needs to be as precise as possible with regards to where and what it is pulling from. We’ve introduced options that give you control over the analytics you receive to help you collect only the data that truly matters to your business. 

The Block Analytics Collection feature gives you the option of disabling data collection on specific hubs. This feature can also be used for hubs in development, or those being tested, where any data collected would be non-valuable and confusing. 

Whether your internal users are testing stream functionality or exploring published pieces of content, they are actively crawling Uberflip’s platform. This will cause their actions to be documented as if they were potential customers. 

To exclude these results, we’ve launched a feature called Exclude IP Addresses. This enables customers to proactively or retroactively enter and exclude specific IP addresses from impacting Uberflip Analytics data. Users can easily blacklist any traffic coming from within an organization to test campaigns without worrying about the data being affected by internal employees. This results in a more accurate representation of user data.

The Excluded Visitors Dashboard provides you with a central place where you can see which IPs have been placed on an exclusion list and view their respective activity.

To learn more about excluding IP addresses, click here for in-depth instructions and explanations. 

For more information about our new updates, check out our release notes

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