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Email notifications, new event types, and UX improvements

We're excited to introduce incredible new capabilities now available in Sales Assist!

Email notifications for share activities

We all know that responding in the moment could be the difference between securing an opportunity or not. Now even when you're not at your laptop, you'll never miss a moment with email notifications! When enabled, a single email will notify you on initial engagement by a new visitor to your share. Follow the link in the email for a full log of events. To enable, simply go to "Edit Profile" from the top user menu and enable the new preference.


New event type: click actions!

Speaking of notifications and events, ever wonder if your visitor clicked "Download PDF" or if they opened your calendar CTA? Now your events log will include all of these user actions.

UX: Improved search experience on small screens

If you've suffered from lack of real estate when searching for content it's likely because you're on a small laptop screen and you have lots of tags to choose from. Don't worry, we've got you covered. You'll notice now that tags will autohide as you scroll through Items giving you more space to find what you're looking for.


Other improvements worth mentioning

  1. When duplicating a Stream, or creating one from a template, options such as Stream Section Headings and Calendar CTA settings were not copied over. Fixed!
  2. You can now edit the Banner Title on your Streams. Perfect alternative to logos!
  3. On larger screen sizes, when managing Items in a Stream, the option to add Section Headings is now available on the main row of options
  4. For admins managing Images, the UX has been updated to match other areas of the admin section

About the Author

Yoav Schwartz is a co-founder of Uberflip and spent 11 years as CEO where he drove the mission, vision, and goals of the company.

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