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Team Usage Analytics + Re-arranging Tag Groups

Understand your team's engagement with the new App Usage Per Rep report.

As a Sales Assist admin you can now see which reps are most active in the app, and how that activity translates to success.

This report highlights, per rep, when they last logged in, how many Streams, Shares and Items they've created and even how many times they've used the "video popup" feature. You can also see how many accounts they've engaged and what their personal Engagement Score is for quick reference.

Like the account engagement report you can specify a date range as well as drill down to a specific user group.

Re-arranging Tag Groups is here!

No more adding/removing groups so they're in the order you prefer. You can now drag and drop your tag groups in any order you like. You can even specify a different order per User Group. In addition, tags within the groups will now be sorted alphabetically.