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Improved Stream creation, UX enhancements and bug fixes

Create a Stream from anywhere, Duplicate from the list

We heard your feedback. You want to create Sales Stream even faster. Now, sales users see a "+" in the top menu enabling Sales Stream creation from any screen. We've also made it easier to duplicate. This can now be done directly from the Stream listing page. No need to edit a Stream first!

You'll also notice subtle but important enhancements to the Stream creation form. Templates now show how many Items exist, and when creating form the search page, the number of Items in the basket clearly indicate how many Items to expect the resulting Stream to have.

Other enhancements and bug fixes to be aware of:

  • UX: The admin menu has been consolidated. Analytics and all configuration options are now listed in the "admin" dropdown
  • BUG: In some cases Analytics was under-reporting on number of shares created by team members. Fixed!
  • UX: When a team member transfers a Stream to another colleague, the recipient will now receive an email letting them know
  • UX: templates created by sales users used to include "mine" beside them in listings. They now have a label stating "private"