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New Personalization Capabilities for Sales Assist

We're excited to introduce incredible new capabilities now available in Sales Assist!

Upload custom prospect logo

When you just can't find the right logo for your prospect by searching, you can now upload an image from your computer.

Customize your Stream share images

When sharing a Stream, the default image used is the first Item in your Stream. But sometimes it takes a more customized image to grab your prospect's attention. You can now provide a URL to an image of your choice and it will be used instead of the default. You'll find this setting under "more options" when editing the "Details" of your Stream.

Note: Custom  require a Marketplace app update. So you (or your account admin) can update Sales Assist by clicking “update” in the Marketplace.

Optionally include control buttons for your custom Items

When creating custom Items of embedded content such as Google Slides, you can now give your prospects the ability to toggle "edit mode" for these files. The buttons that display are automatically decided based on the content and when enabled will include one or more of "download", "edit", and "fullscreen" (depending on the type of content).

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