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Marketing streams: create destinations for any campaign in minutes

Uberflip Marketing Streams

Useful for: Creating engaging, personalized content destinations for every campaign, audience, and stage of the customer journey.

Tech you’ll need:

Uberflip Marketing Automation Platform Personalization App






1. Why marketing streams make the ideal campaign destinations

Marketing Streams make the ideal email, ad, social, or event destinations and let you personalize and scale your marketing campaigns. The best part is you can spin up streams customized for your audiences in minutes! 

Marketing streams work great for: 

  • Personalizing the buyer journey
  • Increasing lead generation 
  • Creating binge-worthy experiences
  • Increasing content consumption 
  • Educating buyers on particular topics of interest 

Since content is such a critical component in helping buyers get to that purchasing decision, it's important that we as marketers are creating content consumption paths. Using Marketing Streams, you can strategically orchestrate a path from one piece of content to the next with the sole purpose of encouraging content consumption to speed up the education process and move the buyer from aware to interested to sales-ready faster.

No more dead-end landing pages or senseless searching online for your buyers to find the answers to their problems. Instead, you can curate collections of content and use them as destinations to educate audiences tied to the goal of your campaign.

2. How to customize your destinations for every audience 

Uberflip lets marketers give each buyer a personalized path to purchase.

In the back end of Uberflip at the item level, you have a multitude of options to customize your campaign destinations, including:

Content: You can select relevant content to include or leverage tags and smart filters to automatically bring in personalized content
Banner Color: Customize the background color of the banner at the top of your stream
Banner Title: Add a title to your banner
Banner Image: Upload a custom background image
Banner Image Opacity: Adjust the transparency of your image to blend the banner image and color
Prospect Logo: Easily include your prospect’s logo in the banner. Using our Clearbit integration you can search and apply the logo.
Glyphicon: When you add a prospect’s logo, we will automatically apply your company’s logo to the banner as well. Using the drop-down menu, you can select which icon you want to show.
Hide Elements: There are options to toggle elements in the stream on or off, such as menu and footer, item navigation, and stream title


3. How to dynamically personalize your marketing streams with apps

With our suite of personalization apps, marketers can identify both known and anonymous visitors in real-time and dynamically create personalized destinations of content that increase engagement and move buyers through the journey faster. 

There are currently four personalization apps. The first three on this list are powered by integrations with industry-leading B2B data providers:

  1. Demandbase
  2. 6sense
  3. Bombora.
  4. Query String

Here’s how these apps compare:

Uberflip Personalizer Apps

Below highlights the results of the dynamic personalization on the front end. You can dynamically swap out the logo, title, description, CTAs, and content based on variables such as account name, industry, role, location, and more! 
Marketing Stream Frontend Personalization Uberflip

4.  See Uberflip Marketing Streams in action

Watch this video to learn more about how you can begin personalizing your destinations in nearly no time at all! 

Visit Uberflip Help to access more how-to guides and troubleshooting articles, or to contact Uberflip Support