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Uberflip CTAs: strategically send prospects and customers on a journey

Uberflip CTAs

Useful for: Teams looking to compel buyers to take action. Create eye-catching calls-to-action that collect leads and accelerate the buyer journey. 

Tech you’ll need:

Uberflip Marketing Automation Platform Personalization App






1. The new way you can capture leads

Once you finally capture the attention of your audience—what are you doing to keep it? The typical strategy of sending visitors to a separate landing page with a gated form is inefficient and, even worse, a bad experience.

Landing pages are ineffective for a variety of reasons including:

  • The landing page experience lacks consistency with your blog or resource center.
  • It provides no next step or path for further education. (Dead ends!)
  • It means the visitor has to navigate back to your site to continue reading.
  • It presents a prime opportunity for distraction.
  • And probably the most important reason…a form on a landing page has a measly 2.35% conversion rate.

Not to mention: this old way makes the visitor wait for what they want—your company’s amazing content!

If you already have the attention of your visitors on your campaign destination, blog, or resource center, why not insert a CTA to capture their information easily. In the example below, as an Uberflip customer, you can easily insert Form CTAs alongside your content so you can make the most of your traffic.

uberflip call to action

You can also use what we call an Overlay CTA to gate content. Easily place an Uberflip Form CTA on top of the content your visitors want to capture leads.


A visitor navigates to the ebook page (for example) and for a few seconds sees the ebook they’d like to read. Then a mini form pops up overtop, greying out the content, but revealing the asset they’ve already decided they wanted underneath. The content within their reach is enough to hike up those conversions.

This method of gating content results in a 17% conversion rate on average. That’s 7x the conversion rate of a standard form on a landing page (which, as stated above, is usually a measly 2.35%)!

Curious how we got those numbers? Well, our data science team analyzed the results of 440 customers who were using Overlay CTAs to gate their content and 17% was the average conversion rate our customers saw using this method. (We wrote about it here > The Content Experience Report). Our own marketing team sees crazy high conversion rates: closer to 40%!

Here’s a quick cheat sheet you can use to measure the pros and cons of both the traditional way of gating content and the effective way that will put that dreamy 17% conversion rate within your reach.

The old way and the effective way

2. Get visitors to the next piece of content

Let’s take a look at another way you can use CTAs to create content consumption paths in Uberflip, to get someone to the next piece of content.

A Show-Beside CTA is a tile that can be placed next to a blog article or piece of content. These CTAs draw the reader’s eye to the side in the same way an ad would and can link to a video, a template or infographic, an ebook—virtually any type of content. When contextual, they serve as a highly effective means to promote further content consumption.

In the example below, you can see that someone reading an article called “How to Organize Your Content for ABM” might be interested in a guide to scaling personalized content for ABM. So we’ve included a Link CTA as a show-beside to offer up a relevant piece of content to keep them consuming. 

show beside CTA

3. Capture leads with your marketing automation platform

As you look to orchestrate the perfect buyer journey with Uberflip, you must think about the workflows you have attached to your campaign destinations. As you collect visitor data, where are you sending your buyers? 

In order for Form CTAs to work, you'll need to integrate a marketing automation platform (MAP) with your Uberflip account. We currently support integrations with Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, and HubSpot.

Once you add Form CTAs to your hub, they'll capture user information and send it directly to the MAP you've integrated with. Depending on the tool, your Form CTAs can also help to facilitate the tracking of the activities of those end-users as they consume content on your streams. It is imperative that you understand these activities so you can ensure your buyers are always on the right path to purchase. For example, if they fill out a form for a late-stage content asset you can pass this activity into your MAP to notify your sales team. 

Add your MAP

When a user fills out every form field that is displaying on a Form CTA, you can direct them to another webpage or allow them to immediately access gated content. Once a user fills out all available fields on a particular Form CTA, they will no longer be shown that CTA (unless they are in a private browsing mode or have cleared their cookies). This functionality ensures a great user experience for your fans, prospects, and customers.

For a how-to on configuring your Form CTAs, you can click here to read our article. For all our articles on CTAs, check out our stream in the Academy by clicking here.

4. 10 call to action examples you'll want to steal

Now that you know all about the importance of using CTAs and how to set them up, it’s your turn to take action!

Think back to the tips we’ve given you previously in this article. You do all the heavy lifting bringing visitors to your content, but you have to think about the best next step. The perfect way to do this is through CTAs. 

To get you inspired for the next time you compel your buyers to take action, check out the examples of simple and advanced CTAs you can implement right now:

Simple examples: Inspiring examples:

The contextual content cta

The on-demand experience cta

The webinar sign-up cta

The time delay cta

The Subscribe For More Content CTA

The book a meeting cta

The discount code cta

The back to stream cta

The demo request cta

The personalized cta

Time to take action

Now you’re prepared to create CTAs and to more effectively call your visitors to action. If you want to learn more about CTAs, you can click here to visit our Academy stream containing lots of articles on calls-to-action. 

Visit Uberflip Help to access more how-to guides and troubleshooting articles, or to contact Uberflip Support.