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Uberflip Sales Streams + Extension: delivering the ultimate buying experience

Uberflip Sales Streams and Uberflip Extension

Useful for: Bridging the gap between sales and marketing by enabling reps with easy access to marketing-approved content and the ability to discover and share decision-enabling experiences with prospects.

Tech you’ll need: 

Uberflip + Uberflip Sales Extensions

Uberflip Extensions for Chrome and Outlook


1. How to create personalized sales destinations in minutes

By using Uberflip for sales, you can bridge the gap between sales and marketing by enabling your reps with easy access to marketing-approved content and the ability to share decision-enabling experiences with prospects. 

Like Marketing Streams, Sales Streams allow you to package content into an experience for prospects by choosing content already published in your hub—without using any of your allotted Marketing Streams.

What you need to know about Uberflip Sales Steams:

  • They are hidden streams that can be used to privately share content.
  • They offer an enclosed experience—they’re inaccessible from your hub.
  • They’re great for fostering conversations at all stages of the buyer journey.
  • They are an easy way to tailor content without using any of your Marketing Streams.

With your tagging structure in place, it should be easy for your sales team to find the content they need to create the perfect sales destination for their prospects. When creating a Sales Stream, you can personalize it by adding items that have been marketing-approved and are applicable to your prospect’s wants, needs, and desires, to help drive conversations and accelerate content consumption.

For example, after a BDR does an initial outreach to a prospect, they can build a personal Sales Stream that is branded to the account with content that is related to what was discussed.

Adding Items to a Sales Stream in Uberflip

Now that you have content in your stream, you can create an immersive experience by customizing the messaging and branding! 

Uberflip Sales Stream

Below is an example of a fully customized Sales Stream (need onBrand hours to customize) from one of our customers, Fullstory. 

Uberflip Sales Stream example

For more detailed instructions on how to create and use Sales Streams, click here to read our Academy article. 

After you create your personalized sales destination, it’s time to share it with your prospect.

2. How to distribute you sales experience without ever having to leave your inbox

Email continues to be a major communication channel for buyers but, unfortunately, your email will compete with a lot of noise. The average office worker gets 120 emails a day! In order to reach buyers effectively in their inbox, you need to provide an engaging experience that encourages people to read, click through, and then take action.

The Uberflip Extension for Chrome and Outlook empowers sales teams to share content from a central repository of content that marketing owns. Sales reps can embed relevant items directly in an email if they only want to share a few content items. Reps can also create personalized collections of content with Sales Streams for outreach efforts and to share relevant content with multiple stakeholders in the buying committee.

Let’s quickly compare experiences—take a look at the images below. Which would you rather provide to your buyers?

A basic email experience vs. an optimized email experience

With the extension you can embed personalized tiles that will be captivating enough for people to want to see more content! Download the Uberflip Extension right now and start providing an optimized experience that will keep your prospects engaged.  

For more detailed instructions on installing the Uberflip Extension, you can click here to read our Academy article, and for instructions on using the extension you can click here.

3. See Sales Streams in action

Watch this video to have an in-house Uberflip expert walk you through creating, customizing, and sharing your Sales Streams so you can always be closing with content!

Visit Uberflip Help to access more how-to guides and troubleshooting articles, or to contact Uberflip Support.