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One-to-One Consideration Email Outreach

Share content with a single target account who has been qualified and is interested in learning more about you and your product/service.

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Personalized content destination

Tech Requirements

LinkedIn account; Email provider; Scheduling tool

Uberflip Requirements

Sales Assist

Metrics to Watch

Number of people, number of pages views, session duration



Play Overview


Identifying the target account should be a fairly straightforward process as the account has been qualified by the business development and marketing teams, is showing intent to buy, and has been handed over to sales at this point.

With that said, it's important for the sales rep to fully understand not only the account and its firmographic data but also the people at these accounts. Who is part of the buying committee and who will they be targeting with the content? In addition to consulting with marketing and the BDRs to understand account engagement to this point, LinkedIn is an incredible tool to do this research to understand who may be part of that buying committee and learn more about each of those individuals.


Instead of the typical black and blue hyperlinked email full of attachments, this play uses Sales Assist to attract accounts via email.

What does this look like?

Using your email provider, like Outlook or Gmail, you'll set up your email in the same way as you did in the past, however, using Sales Assist you'll share with the recipient a personalized destination of content curated just for them. This eliminates the need for multiple hyperlinks and attachments to the email. Just one clear call to action.

By using one of the five sharing options, you can:

  1. Engage the email recipient in the method that feels best for you (or by referencing the sharing stats for each option)
  2. Ensure the click activity is tracked using Sales Assists tracking tokens assigned to the URL

When driving traffic to your curated page of content, it's important to remember who you are targeting. Do different buyer personas require different content destinations? For example, if the Marketing Manager, IT Manager, VP Marketing, and CMO are all part of the buying committee for a new marketing technology, do certain buyer profiles require certain information? If that's the case, you may want to engage them with different curated content destinations featuring information they care about.


When the recipient clicks through on the link from the email, they're taken to a curated destination of content selected specifically for them, created using Sales Assist. This likely includes a mix of middle of funnel marketing content pulled from your content library in Sales Assist (ex. datasheets, research reports, product comparisons, etc.) as well as uploaded sales collateral you want to share specifically with that customer (ex. decks, recordings, etc.).

Be sure to add in a description to your stream that speaks to your audience's desired outcomes and how you can help them get there. Additionally, by using stream sections to break up the content, you can answer your accounts questions in an easy to consume format. Include your best performing and most relevant pieces in the stream, with the top ones placed higher in the grid.

If you have a scheduling tool like Calendly or Chili Piper, add your URL link to your profile under Edit Profile in the top right.

When added, this will automatically include a call-to-action tile in all sales streams you create with a link to your calendar. This gives prospects the ability to directly book time with you to continue the discussion.

Measure & Optimize

Finally, monitoring the engagement activity on your shared stream allows you to track your account's activity, giving you a clear understanding of how engaged they are, how many people are engaged, and what topics they are most interested in. If they are looking at an item in your stream that shares pricing, this could be a good sign they are moving closer to the bottom of the funnel. Additionally, if you're seeing multiple people engaged, it could mean they're bringing in more of the buying committee for review.