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Event Follow Up

Content Marketing World Uberflip Follow Up Stream

Share relevant content with event attendees after the event is complete to continue their engagement and interest in your offering.

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Build interest and book a meeting

Funnel Stage





Ongoing Engagement

Tech Requirements

Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)

Uberflip Requirements

MAP integrated

Metrics to Watch

Items per session, bounce rate, session duration, time on page, and form CTA submissions, enriched companies and contact data



Play Overview


Following the event, you likely have a list of contacts gathered from booth scans, business cards, session or event attendees, and partners. Compile this list of contacts into your MAP and, if applicable, segment lists based on the contact's expressed interest and profile.


Generate an email in your MAP to the list(s) of contacts thanking them for stopping by and presenting them with a single call to action linking the contact to a new curated stream of content.  


Carefully curate the stream of content that continues the conversations from the event. Pick popular topics and highly engaged pieces of content to feature in this stream.

Here are some tips for creating an engaging experience:

  • Limit your content to under 10 pieces and CTAs to only one or two in the stream so as not to give the visitor too many options
  • Include top and middle of funnel content to remind them of who you are and why they wanted to engage with you (what exact problem you're able to solve for them)
  • If you shared a pre-event stream of content, make sure to switch up the content in the follow up stream so the visitor isn't turned away by content they've already seen
  • Have your call to action be clear and specific - do you want them to book a meeting with your team to learn more? Or maybe the next step is to get them to attend your upcoming webinar or schedule the next event in their calendar.
  • Update the appearance tab to include a branded banner that matches the email artwork and messaging to ensure a cohesive experience from outreach to click through. 

Contacts that have been profiled in your MAP through an Uberflip form CTA can be tracked in your MAP or, with our enriched dashboards, their activity can be monitored and tracked right from within Uberflip Analytics. 

Measure & Optimize

Now that you’ve run your ABM campaign, you want to know how it’s performing. What areas can be optimized, and how is it helping to reach your campaign objective, and as a result, your business objective. 

To measure and optimize your campaign performance you have several options within Uberflip Analytics. Which option you choose depends on how specific your insights are and whether you have access to enriched analytics

The following resources will help you navigate Uberflip Analytics and learn how best to track your campaign performance:

Play in Action


For event follow up for Content Marketing World, our Sr. Growth Marketing Manager sent it to the post-event list. This included contacts from booth scans, our founder’s session attendees, as well as partner event participants. 


Taking this list of contacts, she then uploaded them into our Marketo instance and generated an email to that contact list.

Content Marketing World Uberflip Follow Up Email

The email had a single call to action that linked out to a curated stream of content personalized to the popular topics of the event and with a CTA to book a meeting.


The marketing stream created in Uberflip post-event had been curated with content that spoke to the popular topics discussed at the event. 

This included new content they hadn’t seen before to help progress the account to a further stage in the funnel. 

The call-to-action was to book a meeting with a representative. With the event complete and more educational content at their fingertips, the next step we wanted them to take was to book a demo to learn more about how our solution can help solve their problem.