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One-to-One Decision Email Outreach

One-to-one decision email play Uberflip

Share content with a single target account that needs final convincing in the late stages of the sales process.

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Close lead opportunity

Funnel Stage





Overcoming objections with personalized content

Tech Requirements

LinkedIn account; Email provider; Video recording tool; Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)

Uberflip Requirements

Sales Assist

Metrics to Watch

Number of people, number of pages views, session duration



Play Overview


As you're getting further down the sales cycle and closer to a closed/won opportunity, it's likely you feel fairly confident in understanding the account you're targeting. By now, you've engaged with various stakeholders in the company and learned what specific problems they're looking to solve.

At this point, it's important to know exactly who the decision-makers and influencers are for the account and what objections or challenges to your solution they have. It's also likely they are evaluating budget and whether your offer fits their expectations.  When thinking about your target audience, you'll want to make sure you're mapping the right content to the right people. What assets will help them to get a full picture and speak to their individual priorities (financial, performance, service, etc.).


Instead of a lengthy email with various attachments, this play uses Sales Assist to attract accounts via email.

What does this look like?

Using your email provider, like Outlook or Gmail, you'll set up your email in the same way as you did in the past, however, using Sales Assist you'll share with the recipient a personalized destination of content curated just for them. Make sure it links to supporting materials that speak to the recipients specific needs, concerns, and priorities.

By using one of the five sharing options, you can:

  1. Engage the email recipient in the method that feels best for you (or by referencing the sharing stats for each option)
  2. Ensure the click activity is tracked using Sales Assists tracking tokens assigned to the URL

When driving traffic to your curated page of content, it's important to remember who you are targeting. Since you're attracting decision-makers at this stage, possibly from different levels within the organization and of varying levels of involvement, you want to make sure you're communicating in the way that is most impactful. For example, if you are targeting a higher level decision-maker, you want to keep it concise and focused as they are limited in time. The end user on the other hand might want more details on what their day-to-day will look like. 


When the recipient clicks through on the link from the email, they're taken to a curated digital sales room (DSR) of content selected specifically for them, created using Sales Assist. This likely includes a mix of bottom of funnel marketing content pulled from your content library in Sales Assist (ex. case studies, battle cards, etc.) as well as uploaded sales collateral you want to share specifically with that customer (ex. pricing, proposals, plans, etc.).

Be sure to add in a description to your DSR that speaks to your audience's desired outcomes and how you can help them get there. Additionally, by using sections to break up the content, you can answer your accounts questions in an easy to consume format. Perhaps you break up one DSR into sections of content for each persona, or alternatively, you have a separate DSR for each persona. 

Adding a video to the DSR is also a nice way to add a personal touch in a digital world. If the DSR gets shared to a wider audience of decision-makers, your video helps ensure that personal connection is still made.

Measure & Optimize

Finally, monitor engagement on your DSR by getting notified of visitor activity. Set up email notifications so if you're not in the app or Chrome extension, you still receive notifications on engagement activity in real time.

Ensure your admins have configured engagement notifications to enable enriched notifications for tracking, so you can know exactly who from where is engaging with your content, when they engage, and for how long. With this information, you can get super clear on how engaged the account is, where their interest lie, and where they stand in relation to a closed deal.