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One-to-Many Display Ad Outreach (with Personalizer App)

One-to-Many Display Ad Outreach

Target leads dynamically by industry and location with personalized experiences through display advertising. Once setup, let your personalizer app of choice do the personalization for you.

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Build brand awareness and lead generation

Funnel Stage



Display ads


Personalization at scale

Tech Requirements

3rd party intent data provider (6sense, Demandbase, Clearbit, Bombora)

Uberflip Requirements

3rd party personalizer app installed

Metrics to Watch

Asset views, time on page, scroll depth, and form CTA submissions



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Conduct research on tier one accounts using your intent data provider and CRM. It's important to remember your campaign objective and who your ideal customer profile (ICP) is. 

Narrow your target list of accounts to a few hundred or thousand based on geography, persona, size, or any other segmentation you desire. 


Using your intent data provider, run display ads to those target accounts with an enticing and relevant value proposition. Be sure to use language and imagery that aligns seamlessly to the landing experience and speaks directly to your target audience. Does it address a pain point or challenge they're facing? Is it written how that persona would communicate?


When the targeted account clicks on the display ad they will be linked to their personalized stream of content powered by your selected personalizer app (6sense, Demandbase, Rollworks, Bombora, Clearbit).

The intent data from the 3rd party integration will populate the page with the leads information and those values will help to personalize the page in three possible ways:

  1. Populating their logo at the top with yours
  2. Adjusting the title and description using search and replace values
  3. Filtering the content to only relevant pieces using tags

To set up this dynamic personalization in Uberflip, follow these resources:

Complete the experience with a form CTA at the item or stream level.

Note that CTAs are not just limited to setting up meetings/demos. Consider using form CTAs for gating high-value assets (ebook or whitepaper) or event/webinar/newsletter registration, especially for accounts still in early nurture stages and likely not yet ready to engage with a sales person.

Measure & Optimize

Now that you’ve run your ABM campaign, you want to know how it’s performing. What areas can be optimized, and how is it helping to reach your campaign objective, and as a result, your business objective. 

To measure and optimize your campaign performance you have several options within Uberflip Analytics. Which option you choose depends on how specific your insights are and whether you have access to enriched analytics

The following resources will help you navigate Uberflip Analytics and learn how best to track your campaign performance:

Play in Action


Uberflip’s Senior ABM Experience Manager wanted to engage different audiences early in the funnel quickly and easily with personalized content experiences.

Using a combination of 6sense, Salesforce, and Uberflip, she was able to target 1,200 accounts with dynamically personalized experiences over a seven week period, engaging 544 accounts and moving 133 accounts to a later stage in the funnel.

Using a combination of 6sense and Salesforce, Uberflip was able to narrow down accounts showing intent using their ICP as a filter. 

6sense research for tier one accounts

Since our marketing team was looking to run this play to many tier one accounts at one time, they identified and selected a semi-wide net of about 1,200 accounts from the target and awareness stages.


Uberflip’s Senior ABM Experience Manager worked with our designer to create and run 6sense display ads targeting those 1,200 accounts.

Example Uberflip 6sense ads

The display ads linked to a marketing stream set up to dynamically change for each account based on the enabled 6sense personalizer app.


The landing experience dynamically changed for the target account based on the intent data 6sense identified for the visitor. 

This included their name in the stream title, a dynamic stream description, and content personalized to their industry and tech stack.

Dynamic personalization using the 6sense personalizer app resulted in:

Dynamic personalization results Uberflip

Read more about our marketing team's experience using the 6sense personalizer app in the Flipside article Dynamic vs. static: Why dynamic personalization always wins.