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One-to-Few Social Ad Outreach

One-to-few social ad outreach graphic Uberflip

Share relevant top of funnel content with a target list of select accounts or contacts through social advertising to build brand awareness and direct them to a segmented landing experience.

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Play Breakdown


Build brand awareness and lead generation

Funnel Stage



Social ads


Generate leads

Tech Requirements

Marketing Automation Platform (Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Pardot)

Uberflip Requirements

MAP Integrated

Metrics to Watch

Time on page, bounce rate, link CTA clicks, form CTA submissions



Play Overview


Your first step in this play is to identify the accounts you want to target with your content via social. Using an intent data provider like 6sense or Demandbase, you can begin to narrow a list of target accounts based on who is showing some level of interest or intent in the top of your funnel. You may also already have a list in your marketing automation platform or CRM of prospect accounts that you want to go after. Make sure to segment them based on your ideal customer profile so you can create curated destinations of relevant content that resonates.


Using your social media accounts, run social ads to those target accounts with captivating design and copy. Be sure to use language and imagery that aligns seamlessly to the landing experience and speaks directly to your target audience. Does it address a pain point or challenge they're facing? Is it written how that persona would communicate? Are there statistics or compelling quotes that can be pulled from a high-value report and referenced?
Make sure you're choosing to target on social channels where that audience is active and aligns with what they expect to see on that channel. For example, your target account may be on Facebook but is this where their buying group spends their time and expects to find your solution? This is when UTM parameters are important. By assigning UTM source, medium, and campaign values to the link URL, you can track engagement activity to see which channel has the most engaged audience. With that knowledge, you can then decide which channel to use for your next social ad outreach.


Ideally as part of this play you have a high-value asset that someone would be interested in accessing/downloading. This is what is going to draw the visitor to click through on the social ad. 

When setting up your landing experience, you'll want to create a marketing stream specifically for the target segment you're advertising to and in that stream you'll add the relevant content items tailored to that segment. One of the items in that marketing stream should be the high-value asset you're going to be promoting. Since that item is of high value, this is the type of piece you'll want to gate with a form CTA. Gated form CTA's typically perform much higher than other types of form CTA's, as long as they are gating an asset that is worth the visitors exchange in information. 

When applying a gated form CTA, ensure you are also adding enough copy to the page above or below the gated asset so that visitors can read a summary of what they'll be getting in exchange for filling in the form. Use the WYSIWYG content editor to add headers, bullets, and hyperlinks.

With your gated high-value asset set up in your marketing stream, you can now link to this asset in a show-beside link CTA.

For this marketing stream, set up the show-beside link CTA to drive to the high-value asset. Make sure you're keeping the CTA clear, concise, and enticing to encourage the click through to the asset.

On the high-value asset, use a CTA variation to drive traffic to another page, so as to avoid showing the visitor the CTA to the page they're already on.

Finally, create a blog post that highlights the top outcomes and insights from the high-value asset. Tease the audience with stats, quotes, and action items from the report. Link the social ad to this page to get the visitor interested and excited about learning more. With the show-beside link CTA on this entry blog post promoting the report, you can easily direct them to the gated asset and collect their information.

With their information collected from the gated form CTA, you can then set up a nurture track in your MAP to add the prospect to a trigger-based email nurture. See the play One-to-Few Nurture Email (with Query String Personalizer) to set that up.

Measure & Optimize

Now that you’ve run your ABM campaign, you want to know how it’s performing. What areas can be optimized, and how is it helping to reach your campaign objective, and as a result, your business objective. 

To measure and optimize your campaign performance you have several options within Uberflip Analytics. Which option you choose depends on how specific your insights are and whether you have access to enriched analytics

The following resources will help you navigate Uberflip Analytics and learn how best to track your campaign performance: