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Auto Archiving, Improved Stream & Template List Views

Declutter your account by setting unused/outdated Sales Streams and rep-generated Items to auto archive

As a Sales Assist admin you can now set Sales Streams and Custom Items not modified in over a set amount of time to automatically archive/delete. This will apply to all Sales Streams and Special Blog Stream Items (those generated by your reps) within any Hub connected to a Sales Assist environment. However, content (Streams/Items) with any share activity in the last 90 days will not be archived/deleted.

You can find this setting in the "Admin > Defaults" section of the app. Learn more here

Improved Stream view

Streams will now display the prospect field more prominently wherever Streams are listed. As well, if there is no logo set for the Stream, a placeholder image based on the prospect's domain/email will be used instead for better visual identity.

Improved Templates View

Sifting to find the right template can be difficult when the context of the template is not immediately obvious. You can now set the description field when creating or editing templates to explain the context to your reps.

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Yoav Schwartz is a co-founder of Uberflip and spent 11 years as CEO where he drove the mission, vision, and goals of the company.

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