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Sales Assist now available to all users!

Everyone can now share and track Marketing Streams

While Sales Assist's main functionality is to create and share personalized Sales Streams for prospects, it's also an extremely powerful tool for sharing and tracking Marketing Streams - with either prospective ABM accounts or even your existing customers!

With this latest update, any users in your organization, whether they have a sales license or not, can gain access to Sales Assist and share/track engagement marketing generated content. 

Easily manage discoverability of Marketing Streams right from Sales Assist

To make sharing even easier, we're exposing a pair of options for admins right inside the app. Previously, in order to pin a Marketing Stream, or include/exclude it in Sales Assist's search, you would need to hunt down those settings in Uberflip's backend among a sea of other Stream options. With this latest update, these 2 options are exposed right from the app's search, allowing you to quickly and easily manage these settings.


Leading with the prospect

You'll also notice a small but important change. When creating or managing a Sales Stream, the prospect field (asking for an email or domain of the prospect being reached out to) is now in the first position - before the Stream heading and message fields. 



About the Author

Yoav Schwartz is a co-founder of Uberflip and spent 11 years as CEO where he drove the mission, vision, and goals of the company.

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