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[Sales Assist] Share Marketing Streams & discover an improved user experience

We're excited to announce updates to Sales Assist that make it easier to find relevant brand-approved content destinations created by Marketing and improve the user experience.  Here's whats new:

Leverage Marketing Streams

You asked and we listened! One of our most requested features is now available in Sales Assist. Sales Reps can now find any Marketing Stream that is currently shown in the Sales Extension. Pinned streams are also preloaded for discoverability. Reps can either share the entire Stream or individual items for the ultimate in flexibility!

Note: The ability to see Marketing Streams is tied to a new permission in Sales Assist, which requires an update to the Sales Assist marketplace app.

The new permission will not be granted by default — users have to go in and grant it to the appropriate user groups. For more information, read the Sales Assist admin guide.

View the image library faster

Sales Reps can now see the image library expanded by default when creating an item in Sales Assist. This update eliminates the step of having to click the dropdown arrow first to see what images are available.

Embed content that cannot be iFramed

In some situations, sales reps may want to embed content that is restricted from being shown in an iFrame due to security reasons (ex: Gong/Zoom recordings). Sales Assist now provides reps with an option to display this content as a link instead.

Simplify the Stream management experience 

The Stream management section has now been separated into two tabs: Details and Items to provide users with more room to re-arrange items.