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Chrome Extension Updates + Quick Search

This release is all about speeeed. Here's everything you need to know.

Chrome Extension Enhancements

You may have noticed that the extension has been performing some new tricks! Specifically, when you use it in combo with Gmail and Salesloft (with Salesforce currently in BETA).


When composing an email, if you open the extension and visit the Sales Streams section, Sales Assist will automatically try to find Streams you've already created for the recipient's domain. 

This will help you find your relevant experiences faster, and if they don't exist yet, simply click to add a Stream and the recipient's email will automatically populate in the prospect field.


While exploring accounts in Salesloft with the extension open to the Sales Streams section, similar to the above, an automatic search for experiences for the account will be performed, and like with Gmail, if you click to add a Stream, the account's domain will populate in the prospect field.  


Similar to above, you may notice the account automatically being searched for, but more exciting integration points are coming to Salesforce soon. If you'd like to be part of the BETA please contact your CSM!

Marketing Streams > Quick Search

When reps are searching your Marketing Streams, the default they see is your "Pinned Streams", but beyond that they need to know what to search for in order to discover your beautifully pre-packaged experiences. Now, in Admin > Settings > Quick Search, you can now list a set of searchable keywords that will be one click away for reps when they visit the Search > Marketing Streams section.

Upload files up to 25MB!

This was a common feature request that we're confident will now allow you to upload a majority of your critical PDFs, Powerpoints, spreadsheets, and more.

This release also includes several bug fixes, UX enhancements and other optimizations.